Therapy that truly meets you where you are

  • Sessions are offered via teletherapy for those clients who cannot make it into the office due to timing or transportation issues.
  • We also offer this service to individuals who travel for business and who are not in town during the week.
  • The fee for these sessions are the same for in-office sessions.

At Be Insightful Counseling, we pride ourselves on delivering therapeutic services that truly meet you where you are. We have two out of office options for those who cannot make it to one of our office locations.

We offer Community therapy, for special cases, where a therapist can meet with you and/or your child at home, school, or in the community. Additionally, we provide Tele-therapy, where a therapist can meet with you and/or your child via a secure online video platform.

We understand that life can pull us in many different directions and as such we want to remove any barriers that may prevent you from getting the best quality therapeutic services we can offer.

A private and secure way to connect with us for telehealth sessions. Please enter your name to check into the waiting room.


Connect with us for telehealth sessions, first by logging in then click on the start telehealth session button.